My Music Work

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$26 In My Hand

With a name refering to the Velvet Underground and having original songs inspired by american music from the 60's, 70's as a mean of expression, some people might say that these seven young musicians from the Paris stage are not in phase with their time.

I formed this band in 6 years ago with 3 other musicians, since then we have done over 30 concerts around France. I am the bass guitarist and backing singer of the band.


$26 In My Hand - First EP

We recorded our first EP in 2013. It had 6 original songs that we created during several years. It was recorded in our home studio. Alongside with the drummer, we took the charge of all the mixing and mastering of this EP.


$26 In My Hand - Second EP

For this EP, we did the recording of the instruments ourselves but we recorded the voices at Poptones Studio in Paris. This is also the place where the mixing was done. The mastering was done at Climax Mastering in Paris suburbs.

This EP has not been released yet.



I have been the sound engineer for the band Maddalena for over 3 years. It has been a great experience for me and I have learned a lot regarding sound in general and team working.



I have been recording and mixing loads of project for now nearly 8 years. Some of that work was for various short movies, and also for some work with my brother who is also a musician.


Sound Design

I have a hobby to create sound effects based on natural sounds recorded with my Tascam DT40.